The Long Good Friday



Today is Good Friday.

It is Friday, April 10, 2020.

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem has closed its doors. This is the first time it has done so since the Black Death in 1349. In my opinion, The Coronavirus or COVID 19 is not the Black Death. Those who have manipulated this operation are the Black Death.

COVID 19 is the perfect mechanism to get everything you want, assuming you are Satan or a servant of Satan. Here is an imaginary conversation with myself about what I might do if I were an evil billionaire servant of Satan.

If I were an evil billionaire servant of Satan, what could I and my closest evil billionaire friends do to control the world to my advantage? How can I do what I must do and be considered a hero, perhaps even a god?

Answer: I will create a virus and its cure.

How might I go about this? I can create a virus in two ways. I could create an actual virus in the bioweapons lab, or several variations of this virus, and unleash them in controlled ways on certain populations. I could start wars between countries, each suspecting the other. I could target non-cooperative leaders with this virus. I can scare the world with this virus. I can even do more.

I can create a virus in the media. I can give this virus unique properties. I can say that it spreads weeks before people have symptoms. I can say the symptoms are similar to a cold or flu. That way people can all suspect that others “have it” or they themselves may “have it” and do whatever I say. I can continue to provide false or misleading information through my controlled media. Most importantly, I can put the so-called free world on lockdown. Then, I can provide all kinds of rules that I will call “social distancing” putting people in a perpetual state of fear and obedience, and thus be able to shut down basic rights: The right to commerce, the right to assembly, the right to worship, the right to privacy, the right to speech. I can push this through the media in such a way that the people, out of fear, will demand their own rights be taken from them.

I can shut down the church during its most holy season, Lent and Easter. This might be my greatest achievement. I smile at this one. I will have Christians begging to have their churches closed out of fear. I will shut people off from the practice of their faith and their ekklesia. I will thus kill the body of Christ.

I can stop all gatherings so that citizens will not meet with each other and discuss these things and what might be done. All protests, demonstrations, and grievances against governments around the world will stop. The only way people will communicate with one another is through the media and social media platforms that I provide. Then I can censor them and especially surveil them so I know specifically who the dissidents are so I can set them up and destroy them when I unleash the next part of my plan.

Once all the people are filled with fear, helpless, and fighting with each other, I will announce the cure, a vaccine most likely, and I won’t have to make everyone take it, the people will do that work for me. I will include in the vaccine a little chip that functions as an ID and a GPS so I can keep track of everyone. What else will be in the vaccine? Perhaps different things for different populations. Sterilization? Neurological damage? Increased sensitivity to EMFs? Connect to AI? I can put anything I want in it as long as my doctors from WHO and the CDC tell everyone what they must do through the media to save lives, of course.

Then what I can I do? The possibilities are endless! I can whittle down Earth’s population to a more manageable size, put people where I want them, and create a utopia. A utopia for me and for my friends. The people who obey will be rewarded. I will feed them GMO crops, animals and other people, and provide them with entertainment and meaningless tasks like the little robots I am creating them to be. They will praise me for it. The people who do not obey will be treated like the people of Gaza or Yemen. They will be exterminated or tortured for our amusement.

I suppose that all may sound pretty difficult to believe. Crazy, really. Maybe it is. But then again, what is harder to believe, that scenario or that the population before our very eyes is self-enforcing its own oppression for the illusion and promise of security? It is six of one, one-half dozen of another. If you want to control the world, just get people to do what they are doing now.

Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter did not happen in a weekend, even as followers of Jesus liturgically acknowledge it that way. Good Friday and Holy Saturday may last for decades, perhaps centuries. It could be a long enslavement before Christ rouses us up. We who live now and will have died before the anastasis may be part of the Great Cloud of Witnesses. Our work may continue beyond the grave. Someday, at God’s choosing, Imam Madhi will reveal himself and Christ will join him. We must prepare our souls for the long game.

The questions addressed to us as we respond to this strange event are crucial ones:

Who is your friend? Who is your enemy? Who do you trust?

Don’t be fooled again. The media who continue to lie about 9/11 can never be trusted to report the truth about the coronavirus. Or anything else.