Reflections on the Technocratic Takeover

Each day I am confronted with the enormity of the technocratic reality overwhelming us. From what I am seeing and learning and experiencing, it appears that humanity is being transformed into an artificial and controlled existence. The “virus” is meaningless in and of itself. It is merely a cover for this technocratic agenda. (Watch James Corbett’s podcast on the great reset, October 16, 2020).

How do we stop this? Few questions matter more than this. It is possible that we do not stop this takeover. It is possible that we will be enslaved within a few years by the technocratic elites who have engineered this and planned this for decades, perhaps generations.

While it would be easier to resist now while we still have some agency, the spell or the PSYOP is too powerful and is keeping the masses from awareness of what is happening. Humanity as a whole likely will not realize what has become of it until it is too late and we have little or no agency left to resist.

How does the aware individual exist in such a state? How do we be aware and not fall into despair? I am most certainly in despair. What hope I have is based on the long game. The long game is that goodness and truth exist but the timescale for the actualization of truth and goodness is far beyond a human lifetime for certain and likely far beyond the lifetime of civilization. In other words, neither you or I are getting out of slavery. We and our descendants could be enslaved for thousands of years.

What is the hope?

Traditional religion may provide echoes of something hopeful, particularly in the area of human physical contact. This is why churches have been shut down or sterilized. No passing the peace for instance even within churches that do gather physically. Don’t touch each other! This is why gathering and resisting the manipulations to mask, distance, and isolate ourselves are so crucial. Also singing, praying, and chanting together in close physical proximity are crucial to retain our humanity. (See my podcast “Ekklesia” on my website johnshuck dot com).

But institutional religion has served as a tool for these transhumanist, technocratic oppressors. The churches now are falling all over themselves to provide “virtual worship” and offer its symbols and doctrines to further the goals of the technocratic elite by exhorting its followers that following the dictates of social distancing and masking are virtuous and reflect the will of Jesus Christ. I believe the opposite is true, of course. Islam as well has allowed the technocratic elite to hijack its symbols. We are under a spell. The sobering reality seems to be that religion in all of its forms is a tool that will soon be discarded when it loses its usefulness. One religion will emerge which is best illustrated by the latest Super Bowl half-time show (did you see the little children in cages in this festival of sexploitation?) It was the last big show before the COVID PSYOP shut us all down.

The apocalyptic strain in religion may provide some hope. This is a reason why mainstream religion that is controlled by technocratic elites have mocked apocalyptic religion. But apocalypticism knows a bigger story. Apocalypticism allows for evil, even evil this large that is now encompassing us. It allows for it with a larger framework of the goodness and truth of God beyond our timescale. I am suggesting that if you want to retain your religion, take seriously the apocalyptic elements. If we get out of this it will be because of supernatural intervention. But if apocalypticism is going to provide hope, it will need to connect with others (ie the apocalyptic followers of Christianity and Islam will have to forge alliances against the technocratic elite rather than allow the elites to divide them over sectarian interests).

I also wish to point to Gnosticism as a possibility of hope. My favorite librarians of all time were those responsible for preserving the Nag Hammadi library. When orthodox Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire in 381, “false” or “fake” religion had to be fact-checked so to speak. Other forms of Christianity besides empire-approved orthodoxy were systematically censored and eliminated. The faithful librarians in Nag Hammadi, Egypt saw this purge coming and preserved these texts. By miracle, really, they emerged in 1945 after being buried for 1600 years and only recently have been translated into English and made available to us. My mainstream religious training dismissed them as having little value. But I see it quite differently now. They may in fact contain many keys of resistance to this technocratic prison that is enslaving us. I recommend “The Secret Revelation of John” among others.

I don’t know if we stop this. The odds are not in our favor. But instead of despair, I look to the long game, to Deep Time. In the meantime, in the now time, I trust that there is a light, a spark within, and I treasure it, and I embrace it, and I let it center me. Because when I do not do those things, this is all too much to bear.
Find your light, Beloveds, and let it shine.

“Arise and remember that you are the one who has heard, and follow your root, which is I, the compassionate. Fortify yourself against the angels of poverty and the demons of chaos and all those who ensnare you, and be watchful of the lethargic sleep and the garment of the inside of Hades.’

And I raised him up and sealed him with the light of the water with five seals so that death would not have power over him from this day on.” –Secret Revelation of John