I needed to post this on my Facebook page. I will link to it as the need arises.

Dear Friends,

A couple of thoughts.

First, I will exercise my first amendment right to free speech.

Second, in this exercise of free speech, I may share information and make opinions that are in opposition to the official narrative, especially regarding COVID, 9/11, and other crimes against humanity that are ongoing. I believe this sharing of information and opinion are essential for a free society.

Doing so will result in attacks by various means by those who do not want this information or my opinion shared. These arrows of attack include attempts to shame me or report me or psychoanalyze me, belittle me or the authors of the information I share, bring up my family, call me names, and so forth. It is all rather unseemly. It is also ineffective. These arrows that are shot whether the shooter knows what she or he is doing or not is done on behalf of the enemy of free speech. I will defend myself and I will defend true seekers, who I call warriors.

I may block, unfriend, delete, respond, not respond, on my own terms and in my own time, however I see fit. It is my page. I never go to someone else’s page and tell them what they cannot say! I seek to follow the rule: “Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.”

The people who I really address in all my posts are searchers. You know who you are and I know who you are. You may make comments and when you do, you make them as a searcher, not an attacker. Bless you. You are the ones who know something is terribly, terribly wrong with these top down government shutdowns and actually explore the information shared here, make your own evaluation of it, and search on your own. Godspeed to you.

We live in interesting times. This, too, shall pass.