Cyber Polygon and the Great Reset: A Conversation with Cat McGuire


On July 9th the World Economic Forum and the rest of the elite club will simulate a cyber attack that creates chaos and mayhem through the United States. Is this a rehearsal for a future event or cover for a live exercise? My guest, Cat McGuire discusses the presentation she recently made about it that you can watch here. According to her presentation:

Cyber Polygon 2021 is a live exercise simulation to repel a supply chain attack on a large corporation by some “rogue state.” Among the world’s banking cognoscenti, the believed, if not hoped for, end-result would be to crash the global financial system.

Some speculate that such a crash, disguised as a simulation, is an actual elite goal so that if/when the simulation goes live, the crash (false flag or otherwise) would allow the installation of a digital social-credit system, a key foundational component for the elite’s new world order.


This episode was originally broadcast live on Freedom Loves Company, Revolution.Radio, Studio B, 8 pm Eastern, July 4th, 2021